Name: durand geraldine

Country: United Kingdom


London south Bank University

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Advanced Resins & Coatings Technologies Innovation Centre London South bank University in TWI Granta Park Great Abington CB216AL

Research Interests:

  • Super Hydrophobic surfaces
  • Water repellent coatings
  • Water management
  • Easy clean coatings
  • Nano materials
  • Silica nano particles
  • Anti-Icing
  • Silicone chemistry


  • Prof. Durand is Director of Advanced Resins & Coatings Technologies Innovation Centre (ARCTIC) and Associate Professor at London South bank University. 
  • She has Master of Science in Material Chemistry from the technological University of Compiegne (France) , 
  • PhD in Polymer Chemistry from University of Kent (UK). 
  • An innovative technology specialist, 
  • she has significant experience in the industrial development and application of advanced, hybrid coatings and nano-materials.