Name: Dr. Md. Rabiul Islam

Country: Bangladesh


Assistant Professor,
Department of Pharmacy,
University of Asia Pacific, 74/A,
Green Road,
Dhaka - 1215,

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Department of Pharmacy University of Asia Pacific 74/A,
Green Road,
Dhaka - 1215,

Research Interests:

Biomarker research in different diseases, Pathogenesis of psychiatric disorders especially in depression, Public heath issues and diabetes.


  • I am currently working as an Assistant Professor at the department of pharmacy, University of Asia Pacific, Bangladesh.
  • My Ph.D. degree has been awarded by the University of Dhaka in 2016.
  • My doctoral dissertation was conducted to identify diagnostic biomarkers for major depressive disorder (MDD) through a prospective case-control study that included a very large number of Bangladeshi patients.
  • Also, I have ten published articles in national and international journals.