Name: Dr Kaled Saad

Country: Egypt


Faculty of Medicine,
Assiut University.

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Egypt {Assiut city, AL Noor Street,
Almahata Avenue, Haj Ali Building, First Floor, Flat No. 1}.
KSA {Madinah National Hospital, Madinah, KSA}

Research Interests:

Treatment, Genetics, Child Development, Infection, Neuroimaging, Neurophysiology, Cognitive Development, Mechanical Ventilation, Neurological Diseases, Antibiotic Resistance, Internal Medicine


• Professor Khaled Saad graduated from Assiut University’s programs in Medicine and Surgery in 1997 and he obtained Master’s Degree in Pediatrics in 2003. 
• After that, he joined the Pediatrics Department, at Assiut University, as a staff member teaching Pediatrics for medical students and postgraduates. 
• In 2009, he received MD degree in clinical pediatrics. 
• He is an associate professor in the Pediatric Department at the Assiut University Children's Hospital, which is the largest pediatric medical center in Upper Egypt. 
• It is a teaching hospital with more than 550 beds that provides both primary and tertiary care for children in all governorates in Upper Egypt. 
• He has a considerable number of international publications (60 publications) plus one book. 
• Prof. Khaled is an editorial board member of 50 international medical journals in the fields of pediatrics and general medicine. 
• He is a referee in 75 international medical journals.