Name: Dr.Bijudas K

Country: India


Assistant Professor,Department of Chemistry, N.S.S. College, Manjeri, Kerala, India

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Assistant Professor,
Dept.of Chemistry,
Manjeri Kerala 676122 India.

Research Interests:

Kinetics, Phase transfer catalysis, Organic synthesis


  • Ph.D in Chemistry Kunetics and Catalysis Publications 4 Communicated 3 Research and teaching experience-10 years


  1. Selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol with monochromate in non-polar solvents.
  2. Selective synthesis of benzaldehydes by hypochlorite oxidation of benzyl alcohols under phase transfer catalysis.
  3. A study on catalysis by ferrospinels for preventing atmospheric pollution from carbon monoxide.
  4. Kinetics and mechanism of the selective oxidation of primary aliphatic alcohols under phase transfer catalysis.
  5. Kinetic Studies on the Selective Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohols in Organic Medium under Phase Transfer Catalysis.
  6. Effect of Cyclodextrin on the Oxidation of Acetophenone and Substituted Acetophenones by N-Bromophthalimide in Aqueous Acetic Acid Medium.
  7. Polymorphism of paracetamol: A comparative study on commercial paracetamo l samples.
  8. Kinetics of the oxidation of benzhydrols with permanganate under phase transfer catalysis in organic solvents.
  9. Kinetics and mechanism of the selective oxidation of benzyl alcohols by acidified dichromate in aqueous acetic acid medium.
  10. Selective Oxidation of Benzyl alcohols to Benzaldyhydes under Phase Transfer Catalysis.