Name: Dr. Ashish Kumar

Country: India


Associate Professor and HOD -Department Of Chemistry,
Lovely Professional University Phagwara.

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Department Of Chemistry,
Lovely Professional University Phagwara.

Research Interests:

Physical Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Catalysis, Organic Chemistry, Reaction and Mechanism, Green Chemistry, Corrosion Chemistry and Solution Thermodynamics.



  1. ​Jet production rates in association with W and Z bosons in pp collisions at $\sqrt {s}= 7 {\text {TeV}} $.
  2. Evidence for helically kinked magnetic flux ropes in solar eruptions.
  3. Helical magnetic fields in filaments.
  4. Search for supersymmetry in hadronic final states with missing transverse energy using the variables α T and b-quark multiplicity in pp collisions at $\sqrt {s}= 8\\mathrm {TeV} $.
  5. Exclusion of elderly people from clinical research: a descriptive study of published reports.
  6. A role for CREB binding protein and p300 transcriptional coactivators in Ets-1 transactivation functions.
  7. Insulin controls subcellular localization and multisite phosphorylation of the phosphatidic acid phosphatase, lipin 1.
  8. The phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene family in raspberry. Structure, expression, and evolution.
  9. Search for supersymmetry with razor variables in p p collisions at s= 7 TeV.
  10. Interplanetary magnetic clouds, helicity conservation, and current‐core flux‐ropes.