Name: Dong-Kug Choi

Qualification: Ph.D

Country: Korea, Republic of


  • PhD in Biology-Ecology (2009),
  • University of Lisbon Proficiency in Identification and Enumeration of Harmful Microalgae,
  • IOC-UNESCO Qualification,
  • University of Copenhagen 

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Department of Biotechnology

Konkuk University Chung Ju City,

Chung Buk , 27478

South Korea

Research Interests:

  • Developments in the inhibitors of neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration 
  • The mechanisms of neuronal loss in neurodegenerative disease 
  • Cognitive rehabilitation of memory against cognitive impairment in animal model 
  • Developments of nanobioactive compounds and delivery systems 
  • Comparative Genomic Analysis 


Dong-Kug Choi is a Professor at the Department of Biotechnology, Konkuk University, Korea. He has received PhD 1999 in molecular medicine at the Human Genome Ctr., University of Tokyo; and did his postdoctoral training at Columbia University and Cornell University, New York, 2004. He is currently professor at the department of biotechnology, Konkuk University, Korea. He has served several positions including Chair of the Department of Biotechnology and the Vice-President position for Industry and Academic Research Affairs at GLOCAL campus, Konkuk University, Korea. He has more than 120 peer reviewed research articles including Nature, PNAS, Journal of Neuroscience etc. He is serving as an Editorial Board Member of scientific journals such as American Journal of Molecular Biology, International Journal of Neurology Research.