Name: Claudia Alessandri

Country: Italy


co-founder of CAAM

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Claudia Alessandri MD
Piazza Volsinio 7
00199Rome, Italy

Research Interests:

Food allergy,Pediatrics,Allergic disease, Allergic diagnosis


  • She graduated in Medicine in 1977 at the Rome University "Sapienza" and specialized in Pediatrics in 1980 and in Childcare in 1985.
  • For over 25 years, she was interested in pediatric allergy and for more than 10 years she has begun her personal journey in Molecular Allergology.
  • Extremely interested in the matter, since the beginning of 2008 she has transferred her business from one of the largest departments of pediatrics in Rome to the Molecular Allergology Center, by integrating her healthcare activity with that of research in the pediatric age, effectively complementing the activities already taking place in the center and dedicated to teenagers, adults and seniors.
  • She has performed some fundamental studies on markers of severity of food allergy in children, mainly in cow's milk, egg, and plant food allergy.
  • In collaboration with the other CAAM (Centri Associati Allergologia Molecolare) members and researchers from other research centers, she has identified and characterized new allergenic molecules and, thanks to microarray-based diagnostics, she has set new molecular profiles of awareness leading to innovative schemes for therapeutic intervention in the allergic child.
  • Dr.ssa Alessandri has published more than 80 scientific publications.
  • She is co-founder of CAAM, sharing the spirit and philosophy, contributing to its organization and its development.
  • Together with the other CAAM specialists she contributes to the design and release of the second generation molecule-based test for allergy diagnosis, the FABER IgE test.