Name: Claude Cohen

Qualification: Ph.D

Country: Brazil


Associate Professor,
Universidade Federal Fluminense,
Collaborative teacher,
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

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Research Interests:

  • Evaluation of potential energy conservation in the residential sector of Brazil This project aims to construct indicators (social, economic, cultural and technological) that allow the establishment of an index that quantifies the potential for electricity conservation and measure the consumption of the same in a given community, contributing to development of measures and guidelines for rational use of electricity through future management actions on both the supply and demand Implementation of a new line of research, natural resource economics
  • This is the implementation of a new line of research in natural resource economics with emphasis on energy through the economic analysis of the determinants of energy consumption of residential sector of Brazil.
  • This project falls within the scope of work developed in partnership with the Energy Planning Program of COPPE / UFRJ and aims to foster the development of monographs and theses in the area of environment and energy.


  • Adelia Moema Jeanne Claude Cohen completed his Ph.D. in Energy Planning Emphasis in Environmental Planning - COPPE Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in 2002.
  • He is currently Associate Professor at the Universidade Federal Fluminense and collaborative teacher at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Works in Economics with emphasis in Energy Economics and the Environment.
  • In your CV Lattes the most frequent terms in the context of scientific, technological and artistic and cultural development are: Energy, Clean Development Mechanism, Environmental Economics, Energy consumption by income class, Climate Change, Consumption Patterns, Protocol Kyoto Energy Consumption, Sustainable Development and Energy Economics.