Name: ciro caruso

Country: Italy


Corneal Transplant Center,
Pellegrini Hospital,
Naples, Italy.

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Via S.Nullo 179,
Country Park Marina di Licola,
Giugliano 80014 Napoli, Italy.

Research Interests:

Cornea-Cataract-Glaucoma-Refractive Surgery-Cross Linking-Ocular Ultrasound Diagnostic anterior segment


  • Dr. Ciro Caruso is the leader of  Pellegrini Hospital of Naples Eye Center U.O. Corneal Transplant  refractive surgery team.
  • With more than 23 years experience in refractive, corneal surgery and cataract and lens implant, he has been a pioneer in procedures to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.
  • Dr. Caruso has participated in numerous clinical studies and has performed more than  6974 refractive surgery procedures, lamellar and penetrating keratoplastic and cataract with lens implant.