Name: Chung-Yi Chen

Country: Taiwan, Province of china


School of Medical and Health Sciences,
Fooyin University.

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151, Jinxue Rd.,
Daliao Dist, Kaohsiung,

Research Interests:

Pharmacognosy, Natural Products, Chinese Medicine, Natural Product Research


  • President Chen obtained PhD in 1999 at Kaohsiung Medical University. Currently teaches in Fooyin University, as most young is also the most senior professors and deans.
  • The past 20 years, he has his scientific interests focused on life-threatening diseases, including traditional Chinese medicine used for cancer research.
  • Analysis in recent year’s major active ingredients such as ginger, pepper and cinnamon used in gastrointestinal cancer, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiparasitic, and other topics.
  • President Chen specializes in isolation, purification and structural analysis of active components of plants.
  • President Chen directed against active constituents of oral cancer, liver cancer, and rectal cancer.
  • President Chen was just over 45 years old, but his work has more than 200 papers, Taiwan one of the young talents.
  • Professor Chen was invited more than 90 kinds of Journal editorial boards. Professor Chen won numerous awards at home and abroad, from 2015, was awarded the lifetime achievement award; from 2016 was awarded the health care & biotechnology merit award.