Name: Christophoros Foroulis

Qualification: PhD

Country: Greeece


Aristotle University Medical School,
AHEPA, University Hospital.

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1 Stilponos Kyriakidi Street,
54636 Thessaloniki, Greece.

Research Interests:

General Thoracic Surgery



  1. Involvement of lymphatic metastatic spread in non-small cell lung cancer accordingly to the primary cancer location.
  2. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) in Barrett's esophagus with dysplasia or early cancer.
  3. Factors associated with cardiac rhythm disturbances in the early post-pneumonectomy period: a study on 259 pneumonectomies.
  4. Tumours of the thymus: a cohort study of prognostic factors from the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons database.
  5. A prospective, double-blind study on the efficacy of the bioline surface-heparinized extracorporeal perfusion circuit.
  6. Superior sulcus (Pancoast) tumors: current evidence on diagnosis and radical treatment.
  7. Primary intrathoracic goiter: a rare and potentially serious entity.
  8. Advanced bronchoscopic techniques in diagnosis and staging of lung cancer.
  9. Early reoperation performed for the management of complications in patients undergoing general thoracic surgical procedures.
  10. Study on the late effect of pneumonectomy on right heart pressures using Doppler echocardiography.