Name: Christopher Mesagno

Country: Australia


Senior Lecturer,
Exercise and Sport Psychology.

Phone no: (03) 5327 6136

Email: Send an Email


Federation University Australia,
Faculty of Health,
PO Box 663,
Ballarat, Victoria 3353 Australia.

Research Interests:

  • Performance under pressure
  • Anxiety/Stress in Sport
  • Self-Presentation
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Social psychology in sport
  • Sport Psychology


  • Christopher has presented numerous national and international papers focusing on stress and anxiety in sport performance and has successfully developed theory-matched interventions to improve performance for highly anxious and "choking-susceptible" athletes.
  • He is currently conducting research to further conceptualise and expand a self-presentation model of choking under pressure.
  • Christopher is also interested in how social media affects sport performance and exercise behaviours, with specific interests on whether Facebook can help improve health and well-being through better health related decision-making.
  • With his expertise in anxiety, coping, attention, and improving concentration skills, he has worked with a number of athletes within a range of team and individual sports to enhance performance.