Name: Chiara Cirillo

Qualification: PhD

Country: Italy


University of Naples Federico, Napoli · Department of Agriculture

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University of Naples Federico

Research Interests:

Agricultural Plant Science, Horticulture, Plant Biology, Plant Physiology, Food Processing and Engineering, Abiotic Stress, Functional Food, Plant Environmental, Stress Physiology.



  1. Temperature-dependence of carbon acquisition and demand in relation to shoot and fruit growth of fruiting kiwifruit (Actinidia deliciosa) vines grown in controlled environments.
  2. The Southern Red Annurca improves with the intermediate grafting.
  3. The Influence of Deficit Irrigation on Growth, Ornamental Quality, and Water Use Efficiency of Three Potted Bougainvillea Genotypes Grown in Two Shapes.
  4. Effect of interstock (M.9 and M.27) on vegetative growth and yield of apple trees (cv "Annurca").
  5. Genetic engineering of parthenocarpic vegetable crops.
  6. Genetic engineering of parthenocarpic fruit development in tomato.
  7. Non-destructive detection of flawed hazelnut kernels and lipid oxidation assessment using NIR spectroscopy.
  8. Effects of high salinity and the exogenous application of an osmolyte on growth, photosynthesis, and mineral composition in two ornamental shrubs.
  9. Irrigation management of ornamental shrubs under limited water resources.
  10. Water stress responses of five potted Bougainvillea genotypes.