Journal of Body Fluids

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Body Fluids-Craniofacial Development-Chao Liu


Dalian Medical University

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Chao Liu


Dalian Medical University,
Dalian, Liaoning Province,

Research Interests:

Craniofacial Development, Developmental Biology, Stem cells; Regeneration; Biomineralization; Tooth; Cleft palate; Mandible; Bone; Cartilage.


1. Award of Outstanding Young Investigator in The 93rd International Association of Dental Research/American Association of Dental Research (IADR/AADR), 2015, Boston, USA 
2. The Award of Excellent Young Investigator in the 2016 International Craniofacial Frontier & National Conference of Oral Biology, 2016, Dalian Liaoning Province, China
1. Liu C, Zhou N, Wang Y, Zhang H, Jani P, Wang X, Lu Y, Li N, Xiao J, Qin C. (2018) Abrogation of Fam20c altered cell behaviors and BMP signaling of immortalized dental mesenchymal cells. Exp Cell Res. In press (IF:3.546)
2. Liu C, Zhang H, Jani P, Wang X, Lu Y, Li N, Xiao J, Qin C.(2018)FAM20C regulates osteoblast behaviors and intracellular signaling pathways in a cell-autonomous manner.J Cell Physiol. 233(4):3476-3486.(IF:3.883)  
3. Liu C, Wang X, Zhang H, Xie X, Liu P, Liu Y, Jani PH, Lu Y, Chen S, Qin C (2015)Immortalized Mouse Floxed Fam20c Dental Papillar Mesenchymal and Osteoblast Cell Lines Retain Their Primary Characteristics. J Cell Physiol. 230(11):2581-2587. (IF:3.883) 
4. Shao M, Liu C, Song Y, Ye W, He W, Yuan G, Gu S, Lin C, Ma L, Zhang Y, Tian W, Hu T, Chen Y.(2015)FGF8 signaling sustains progenitor status and multipotency of cranial neural crest-derived mesenchymal cells in vivo and in vitro.J Mol Cell Biol. 7(5):441-454. (co-first author, IF:8.432) 
5. Liu C, Gu SP, Sun C, Ye WD, Song ZC, Zhang YD and Chen YP. FGF signaling sustains the odontogenic fate of dental mesenchyme by suppressing β-catenin signaling. Development. 140(21): 4375-4385. 2013 (IF: 7.66)
6. Song ZC, Liu C, Iwata J, Gu SP, Suzuki A, Sun C, He W, Shu R, Li L, Chai Y and Chen YP. Mice with Tak1-deficiency in neural crest lineage exhibit cleft palate associated with abnormal tongue development. J Biol Chem. 288(15): 10440-10450. 2013 (co-first author, IF: 4.65)