Name: Carola Parolin

Country: Italy


Dept of Pharmacy and Biotechnology, University of Bologna

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Via San Donato 19/2, Bologna

Research Interests:

  • Metabolomics 
  • Biochemistry 
  • Microbial Ecology
  • Human Microbiome 
  • Probiotics


Dr. Carola Parolin got the master degree in Industrial Biotechnology in 2004 at Milano-Bicocca University, Italy, then the PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnlogy in 2009 at University of Bologna, Italy. During 2008, she attended a scientific stage at New York Medical College, USA. In 2012 she was a visiting scientist at Curie Institute, France. During her PhD program, her research was focused on cancer biology and the role of lipid peroxidation products on cell growth control. She studied histone deacetylases and their inhibitors as potential anticancer drugs. She currently works in the field of microbial ecology and probiotics as a post-doc researcher at University of Bologna, Italy. She studies the composition of human microbiome, especially that of the vaginal environment, and investigates the mechanisms underlying the health-promoting effect of lactobacilli. She utilizes biochemical methods and metabolomics to identify microbial metabolites with antimicrobial and probiotic properties.