Journal of Carbohydrates

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Carbohydrates--Canbin Ouyang


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Canbin Ouyang


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  • Canbin Ouyang, Jialei Liu, Qi Liu, Yuan Li, Dongdong Yan, Qiuxia Wang, Meixia Guo, Aocheng Cao, Preparation ofmain chain polymers based on novel monomers with D-π-A structure for application in organic second order nonlinear optical materials with good long-term stability, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2017, 9(12): 10366-10370
  • XM Zhang, JL Liu, DX Kou, WH Zhou, ZG Zhou, QW Tian, YN Meng, SX Wu, AC Cao, Canbin Ouyang.Performances Enhancement in Perovskite Solar Cells by Incorporating Plasmonic Au [email protected] at Absorber/HTLInterface. Solar RRL, 2017, 1:1700151
  • Canbin Ouyang, Xiaobing Li, Aocheng Cao, Synthesis and optical properties of D-π-A chromophore with double carboxyl groups, Materials Letters, 2016. 184: 232~234
  • Canbin Ouyang, Zhou Jian, Wang Min, Guo Li , Cao Aocheng , Synthesis of water soluble chromophore with A-π-D-π-A structures, Journal ofMaterials Science-Materials in Electronics, 2015.8.25, 26: 9827~9830
  • Canbin Ouyang, Xiaobing Li, Aocheng Cao, Modification of D-π-A chromophore for the improvement of solubility inwater, Materials Letters, 2015. 8.20, 161: 193~196
  • Ouyang Canbin, XM Liu, DD Yan, Y Li, QX Wang, AC Cao, MX Guo, Immunotoxicity assessment of cadinene sesquiterpenes from Eupatorium adenophorum in mice, Journal of Integrative Agriculture, 2016, 15: 2319~2325
  • Ouyang Canbin, XM Liu, Qi Liu, J Ba, HY Li, Y Li, QX Wang, DD Yan, LG Mao, AC Cao, MX Guo, Toxicity Assessment of Cadinene Sesquiterpenes from Eupatorium adenophorum in Mice., Nat Prod Bioprospect, 2014. 5: 29~36
  • Canbin Ouyang, Yanbing Guo, Huibiao Liu, Yingjie Zhao, Guoxing Li, Yuliang Li, Yinling Song, Yongjun Li. Tuning Morphologies and Field Emission Properties of Cu AgTCNQF Nanostructures. J. Phys. Chem. C, 2009, 113, 7044-7051.
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