Name: Bulent Uysal

Country: Turkey


Associate Professor.

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Department of Physiology,
Gulhane School of Medicine,
University of Health Sciences,
Etlik, 06010, Ankara, Turkey.

Research Interests:

Ozone therapy; Toxicology; Iflammation; Melatonin; Hyperbaric oxygene.


  • I was born in May 1974 in Turkey. I have graduated from Gulhane Military Medical Academy as a Medical Doctor in 1997.
  • Then, I deserved residency of Human Physiology in 2004, and have completed my residency in 2008. 
  • In 2011, I assumed the title of associate professor on Human Physiology.
  • Currently, I am working as academician and researcher in University of Health Sciences. I have three children.