Name: Bobette Matulonga

Country: France


PhD candidate in epidemiology,
SAS Program, Biostatistics,
study design, observational studies,
Inserm Paris.

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Physiopathology and Epidemiology of Respiratory Diseases,
University Paris Diderot Paris 7,
UFR of Medicine Site Bichat, 
6th floor - 16 rue Henri Huchard ,
75890 Paris cedex 18,

Research Interests:

  • Public Health
  • Biostatistics
  • Medicine
  • Clinical Research
  • Research
  • Clinical Trials
  • SASData analysis
  • Life sciences
  • Infectious diseasesRHealth services
  • Clinical researchPublic 
  • healthEpidemiologyResearch


University Paris Sud (Paris XI)
Doctor of Medicine (MD), Epiemiology, Medicine, public health
The - 2015
Summer School of Public Health, University of Paris Sud
SAS PROGRAMMER, Computer programming, specific applications
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University Paris Sud (Paris XI)
University Paris Sud (Paris XI)
Master's degree, epidemiology
The - Today
University of Paris-Saclay
University of Paris-Saclay
Sas Programmer, Public Health
Particularity of female asthma
From the October 2013
Team members:
Bobble Matulonga