Journal of Precision Agriculture

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Precision Agriculture-Fluid Mechanics-Bidyut Bikash Gogoi


Indian Space Research Organization, Satellite Centre (ISAC), Bengaluru

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Bidyut Bikash Gogoi


Indian Space Research Organization,

Satellite Centre (ISAC),


Research Interests:

Fluid Mechanics, Modeling and Simulation, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerical Simulation, Numerical Modeling, Numerical Analysis, Engineering, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematical Analysis, Thermal Engineering, MATLAB, Computational Fluid Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, Heat Transfer, Numerical Mathematics, Nonlinear Dynamics, Computational Simulation, Numerics, Computational Mathematics, Stability, Stability Analysis, Finite Difference, Gas Dynamics, Fluid, Fluid Flow, Mathematical Computing, Numerical Methods, Finite-Difference Schemes, Heat & Mass Transfer, Mathematical Biology, Scientific Computation, Numerical Integration, Computing in Mathematics, Nonlinear Physics, Finite Difference Method, Scientific Computing (Computational Science), Industrial Mathematics, Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Lattice Boltzmann Method, Space Geodesy, Numerical Heat Transfer, Higher Order Compact Methods



  1. HOC Simulation of Double-diffusive Natural Convection in a Rectangular Cavity.
  2. Magic Squares : History, Construction and Applications.
  3. A Very Efficient Class of HOC Schemes for the One-Dimensional Euler Equations of Gas Dynamics.
  4. Global two-dimensional stability of the staggered cavity flow with an HOC approach.
  5. An accurate predictor-corrector Higher order compact solver for the 2D Riemann problem.
  6. Global 2D stability analysis of the cross lid-driven cavity flow with a streamfunction-vorticity approach.
  7. A Biharmonic Approach for the Global Stability Analysis of 2D Incompressible Viscous Flows.
  8. An accurate predictor-corrector HOC solver for the two dimensional Riemann problem of Gas Dynamics.
  9. Lattice Boltzmann Simulation of Transient Natural Convection in a Staggered Cavity with Four Vertically Heated Walls.
  10. NAVIC Time Transfer with Satellite Common View: An Analysis on Choosing Different Reference Times.