Name: Benedetto Sacchetti

Country: Italy


Adjunct Professor of Anatomy and Histology Human and Ocular,
Faculty of Sciences,
School of Optics and Optometry,
Roma Tre University, Rome.

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Stem Cell Lab, Italian National Institute of Health,
Dept. Hematology,
Oncology and Molecular Medicine viale Regina Elena,
299, 00161,

Research Interests:

  • Identifying and characterizing postnatal progenitors in the human bone marrow and skeletal muscle as subendothelial cells (see Sacchetti et al, Cell 2007;
  • Dellavalle et al., Nature Cell Biology 2007), and to the definition of tissue-specific progenitors in microvascular niches in different tissues (Bianco et al Cell Stem Cell 2008;
  • Sacchetti et al., Stem Cell Reports, 2016), preclinical models of cell therapy and gene therapy both in vitro and in ad hoc generated murine models of disease, models of cell therapy in bone and skeletal muscle diseases.


  • Benedetto Sacchetti is currently an Adjunct Professor and he works at Department of Hematology, Oncology and Molecular Medicine, Italian National Institute of Health, Rome, Italy.
  • His work focuses on skeletal stem cells found in the bone marrow.
  • His goal is to understand mechanisms of disease using stem cells as models, and to identify potential therapies that use stem cells as tools.
  • He is particularly committed to elucidating the nature, origin, and physiological function of skeletal stem cells (aka "mesenchymal" stem cells) with respect to bone and hematopoietic pathophysiology.