Name: Bachir Benarba

Country: Algeria


Department of Biology
University of Mascara

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Department of Biology,
Daculty of Sciences of Nature and Life,
Pole Sidi Said, Mascara (29000), Algeria,

Research Interests:

Medicinal plants, Cancer, Molecular biology, Phytochemistry, Cancer epidemiology


  • Bachir Benarba, PhD, is Professor of Biochemistry and Cell Biology at the department of Biology, University of Mascara, Algeria. 
  • He’s the chief of this department since October 2013. 
  • He was Technical Director of international project with “Centro de Estudios Rurales Y y de Agricultura Internacional, Spain. Dr Bachir Benarba works on identification of Algerian plants used in the treatment of cancer. 
  • He identified two Algerian plants with strong anticancer and apoptogenic activity, and clarified the molecular mechanism of these activities. 
  • He carries out also ethnobotanical studies in different regions of Algeria. 
  • He manages a research project named “Valorization and identification of new anticancer active molecules from Aristolochia longa. 
  • He is the author of many technical and vulgarization documents on cancer.  
  • He has reviewed and published many international articles. 
  • He also advised more than 40 master and other dissertation’s degrees.