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Manovikas Kendra Rehabilitation and Research Institute for the Handicapped,
Manovikas Biomedical Research & Diagnostic Centre,

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Arijit Karmakar


Manovikas Kendra Rehabilitation and Research Institute for the Handicapped, 
Manovikas Biomedical Research & Diagnostic Centre, 

Research Interests:




1. Pilot study indicate role of preferentially transmitted monoamine oxidase gene variants in behavioral problems of male ADHD probands.
2. Monoamine oxidase B gene variants associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the Indo- Caucasoid population from West Bengal.
3. Potential Contribution of Monoamine Oxidase A Gene Variants in ADHD and Behavioral Co-Morbidities: Scenario in Eastern Indian Probands.
4. Sexual Dimorphic Effect in the Genetic Association of MAOA Markers with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
4. MAOA marker rs6323 shows sexual dimorphism in autism spectrum disorder.
5. A genetic association study on monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) gene polymorphisms with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Indians.
6. Potential Contribution of Dopaminergic Gene Variants in ADHD Core Traits and Co-Morbidity: A Study on Eastern Indian Probands.
7. Genetic variants of MAOB affect serotonin level and specific behavioral attributes to increase autism spectrum disorder (ASD) susceptibility in males.
8. Pilot Study Revealed Association of DRD4 Promoter Variants with ADHD Associated Functional Deficit in Indian Probands.