Name: Antonio Valenti

Country: Italy


National Institute for Work Accident Insurance

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INAIL National Institute for Work Accident Insurance Rome, Italy

Research Interests:

Risk Assessment, Safety, Occupational Health.



  1. Work-related stress risk assessment in Italy: a methodological proposal adapted to regulatory guidelines.
  2. Work-related stress risk assessment in Italy: the validation study of health safety and executive indicator tool.
  3. Occupational safety and health in Europe: Lessons from the past, challenges and opportunities for the future.
  4. Hard and soft law approaches to addressing psychosocial risks in Europe: lessons learned in the development of the Italian approach.
  5. OHS management and employers’ perception: differences by firm size in a large Italian company survey.
  6. An integrated approach to the assessment of work-related stress risk: comparison of findings from two tools in an Italian methodology.
  7. Collaboration of occupational physicians with national health system and general practitioners in Italy.
  8. Stakeholders’ perception of the possible implications of “green jobs” for health and safety at work in Italy.
  9. Flora archeopalinologica dalla Villa romana del Casale e dall’Insediamento medievale di Piazza Armerina (Enna e Sicilia) e suo ruolo per i Siti. 104 Congresso Nazionale della Società Botanica Italiana.
  10. Migration, work flexibility and early retirement of nurses in Italy.