Name: Anil Tombak

Country: Turkey


Mersin University,
Medical Faculty.

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Department of Hematology,
Mersin University,
Faculty of Medicine,
Mersin, Turkey.

Research Interests:

Leukemia, Myelodysplastic syndromes.


  • Associate Doctor Anil Tombak, M.D. was born on April 25, 1076.
  • He was graduated from Gazi Anatolian High School at 1994, and then graduated from Çukurova University Medical Faculty at 2000.
  • After that he was trained at Mersin University Medical Faculty Internal Medicine Department, and after Internal Medicine specialization, became a fellow of Hematology at the same University.
  • He became a hematologist in 2013 and still working at Mersin University Medical Faculty, Department of Internal Medicine - Hematology, Mersin, Turkey.
  • Associate Doctor Anil Tombak is married and has a son.