Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine

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Sports and Exercise Medicine-Exercise sciences-Angelo Cataldo


University of Palermo, Italy

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Angelo Cataldo


via G. Sciuti, 112 - 90144 Palermo, Italy

Research Interests:

Exercise sciences, Sport physiology, Exercise testing, Sport training



  1. Resting sympatho-vagal balance is related to 10 km running performance in master endurance athletes
  2. Race Profiles of Rowers During the 2014 Youth Olympic Games
  3. Race profiles of rowers during the 2014 Youth Olympic Games
  4. Relationship between Wingate test and vertical jump in young female volleyball players
  5. Association of Cardio-Pulmonary Stress Test Parameters and Heart Rate Recovery in Obese Subjects with Or without Type Ii Diabetes
  6. Influence of baseline heart rate variability on repeated sprint performance in young soccer players
  7. Determination of maximal fat oxidation for prescribing exercise in sedentary non-obese type 2 diabetes subjects
  8. Mean power during 20 sec all-out test to predict 2000-m rowing ergometer performance in national level young rowers
  9. Assessment of Autonomic Function as Marker of Training Status: The Role of Heart Rate Recovery after Exercise
  10. The Role of cardiology in the Evaluation of Sports Activity