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Advanced Pharmaceutical Science And Technology-Education drugs-Andre Giordan


Director and Promoter of Giordan Consultant and Interactant (2011-) 
Professor at the University of Geneva (1980-)

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Andre Giordan


Rue Henri Mussard 10 CH 1208 Geneva.

Research Interests:

  • Education drugs
  • Training of caregivers (pharmacists, physicians, nurses).


  • Autobiography written at the request of Jean Hassenforder, then director of documentation at the NPRI, for Perspectives documentaires, 1994. 
  • Describing one's own journey, even in terms of its research activities, is both megalomania, contradiction and paradox. But any researcher who wants to (re) know his ideas must always have a certain dose of megalomania ...: it is much more difficult to disseminate his ideas than to develop them; otherwise, his career is blocked and he must take refuge in some obscure administrative functions such as Dean or University President.
  • To respond to the command of Jean Hassenforder, we will do with (this one) and will exploit preferably the two other accomplices (the contradiction and the paradox); they seem to us to be two promising approaches to face the current challenges. The method that we will apply .., or rather the method that I will apply myself - as much as not to hesitate to get involved - is a method that I use in my research, it is called: "analysis of successful situation". It consists in elaborating the inventory of the parameters which facilitate a learning and to arrange these in perspective. Can I self-apply? My hypothesis is that to become a university professor in Geneva and now president of the Section of Educational Sciences in more than unfavorable circumstances, through surprising and even comical detours, as we shall see, can to be considered if not as an intrinsic or social success, at least as a success in education!
  • The choice of presentation for this text is that of a "life history as a clinical method", specific to adult education specialists (C. Josso 1993). The training paths, there are several, will be questioned and accompanied from a work on the request for training and the report to the knowledge of the learner. To be honest, this chronological approach fits me more in the linear framework of a written presentation. However, through this story, a number of strong points will emerge which through their interactions form the fabric of the network of ideas, some would say "the paradigmatic network" that founds my thought and practice. As benchmarks, let us quote by always supporting our two ideas comrades:
  • - the exploitation of life situations, starting with those which are clearly unfavorable, 
  • - the interactive articulation of practices with theoretical analyzes, 
  • - the constant desire to rely on binding frameworks to get out as soon as possible, that these are disciplinary (priority to the transversality of the ideas) or national (work in various national or international frameworks), 
  • - the responsibility of an author within the framework of a community of individuals constituting a sufficient critical mass,
  • - the desire to complete a project, although approximate, as "more" compared to a current frustrating situation, 
  • - the interest to produce new ideas, but to evaluate them (in education, this concern is strongly motivated by the lack of appropriation of these to the world and to the public), 
  • - the importance to me of education, although element of social conditioning, as a factor in reducing individual dependence,
  • - the desire to introduce into education an optimum of scientific rigor, without falling into a strict objectivity more exploitable at the level of a practice, 
  • - the specificity of research in education through tools that can belong to multiple disciplines.


  1. UNESCO Consultant (1975-1990) 
  2. Member of the International Commission on Biology and Education - CBE-IUBS (1988-2000) 
  3. President of the International Commission on Biology, Ethics and Education - CBE-IUBS (2000-2008) 
  4. Past-President (2008) -2012) 
  5. Founder and President of the BioEd (2000 Paris, 2004, Rio de Janeiro, 2008 Dijon) 
  6. President of the CECSI network (Communication, Education, Scientific and Industrial Culture, 1979-2007) 
  7. Founder and Co-President of the International Days on the scientific education of Chamonix, technologies, 30th ed in 2009 (1979-2008) - President-founder (2008-)
  8. Associate Professor (Universities of Versailles-Saint Quentin 2004-, Bobigny 2005-2011, Pitié-Salpétrière 2007-), IPG Paris (2008-), Eastern Unversity Shanghai, 2008-) 
  9. President of Association DIRES (1981-2007) and ADIRES (2007-), Bateleurs of science (1995-), Nissa Pilo (1999-).