Name: Ana Paula Santos

Country: Portugal


Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology

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New University of Lisbon - Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology Antónnio Xavier (ITQB NOVA), ITQB NOVA, Av. of the Republic, 2780-157 Oeiras.

Research Interests:

Tridimensional organization of genomes and epigenetics within plant interphase nuclei Citogenetics and Cytogenomics Epigenetic mechanisms: DNA methylation and histone modifications: impacts on gene regulation, cell and organism phenotype Research Keywords: Interphase chromatin organization, chromosome territories, DNA Methylation, Histone Modifications, in situ imaging of chromatin and epigenetic marks, epigenetic drugs, epigenetics gene regulation, Rice (Oryza sativa), Wheat (Triticum aestivum).


  • I have a wide background on studying the 3D spatial organization of interphase chromatin and epigenetics of wheat and rice genomes.
  • Current work has addressed the plasticity of chromatin structure and epigenetic marks, DNA methylation and histone modifications of rice genome in response to environmental challenges.
  • I'm interested in intersecting spatial chromatin organization and epigenetic marks at tissue and cell specific level with genome and phenotype regulation.
  • Main methodologies have included confocal microscopy, FISH, GISH, ChIP, BS-Seq and chemical compounds or T-DNA-mediated mutagenesis affecting epigenetic regulators.