Name: Amjad Almusaed

Country: Denmark


ecological architecture.

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Hög taastrup Boulevard 49,1,4A,
2630 Taastrup Denmark.

Research Interests:

ecology, plants and vegetation, landscape , energy


  • Prof. Dr Arch.Amjad Almusaed was born on January 15, 1967.
  • He holds a PhD. Degree in Architecture (Environmental Design) from "Ion Mincu" University, Bucharest, Romania.
  • He followed a postdoctoral research in 2004 on the Sustainable and bioclimatic houses, from the School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark.
  • Dr Almusaed has more than 27 years of experience in sustainability in architecture and landscape with innovative orientation. He has carried out a lot of research and technical survey works and has performed several studies, in the area mentioned above.
  • He is an active member of many international architectural associations. He published many papers, articles, types of research, and books, in different languages.