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University of Naples “Federico II

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University of Naples “Federico II”,
Department of Advanced Medical Sciences,
Via Pansini 5,
80131 Naples.

Research Interests:

Fields of Research
Main current field of research: 
  • 1999-2012 Characterization of platelet function in animals of veterinary interest (aggregometry, adhesion assay, flow cytometry); secondary fileds of interest: i) role of enzymes activity in colostrum and in milk of buffalo, goat and ewe, ii) activity of enzymes in seminal plasma of stallion and their correlations with fertility, evaluation of stress marker in buffalo (cortisol in hair, faeces, saliva) in relation to animal welfare
  • 2012 up to now 
  • -Characterization of ovine and human mesenchymal stem cell; Analysis of expression of CXCR4 and aquaporin 1 (Aqp1) in ovine mesenchymal stem cell; Role of Aqp1 in migration and homing of mesenchymal stem cell; Study on leptin effect on mesenchymal stem cells after oxidative stress.
  • - Characterization of neuropeptides in gastrointestinal tract of different animal species
  • - Studies on aquaporin distribution and function in the gut of human and animal species; Study on aquaporin function in animal models of hepatic steatosis and diarrhoea
Research Assignments
  • 2000-2001 Principal investigator and scientific responsible for a project for young researcher entitled “Aggregation and adhesion studies in different animal species and evaluation of the effects of natural peptides containing the RGD sequence” financed by University of Napoli with 6.200 euros 
  • 2001-2003 Principal investigator and scientific responsible for a project for young researcher entitled “Characterization of physiologic, biochemical and pharmacological aspects of platelet function in different animal species” financed by National Research Council (CNR) with 7.800 euros
  • 2012-2015 Component of PON Project - Smart Health Cluster OSDH Smart FSE -Staywell


Academic and Society Membership

  • 1995 up to now - Member of Italian Society of Veterinary Sciences (SISVET)
  • 2001 up to now - Member of the Italian Society of Veterinary physiologists (SOFIVET)
  • 2013 up to now Membership in the Italian Association of Cell Colture


  • June 1997 - Winner of a prize for the scientific contents of the poster entitled "Structural changes and functional fibrinogen induced by free radical generating systems," presented at the Scientific Days of the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Veterinary Medicine
  • July 1997 - Winner of a travel bursary of £ 200 for participation in the "7th International Congress of the European Association for Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology, Madrid" assigned by the Veterinary Pharmacology Trust
Editor and reviewer activity
  • 2012- up to now Reviewer for Journal of Dairy Science
  • 2016 Review Board Member for the Global Journal of Stem Cell Biology and Transplantation
  • 2015 up to now- Reviewer for the following Journals: Journal for Veterinary Sciences, Global Journals Inc. (US), International Journal of Molecular Medicine, World Journal of Gastroenterology , BMC Veterinary Research, Veterinary Record, Animals, Veterinary Sciences, Archives of Animal Nutrition
  • 2015 up to now Editorial Board component for several scientific Journals: Symbiosis Journal of Veterinary Sciences, Buffalo Science, International Journal of Veterinary and Dairy Sciences, Symbiosis Journal of Veterinary Sciences, Open Access Journal of Veterinary Science & Research (OAJVSR), Journal of Veterinary Medicine and Allied Science and Frontiers in Veterinary Science; Annals of Stem Cell Research & Therapy