Name: Åžafak Taktak

Qualification: PhD

Country: Turkey


Psychiatry Department,
Ahi Evran University Education and Research Hospital.

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Psychiatry Department,
Ahi Evran University,
Education and Research Hospital,

Research Interests:

  • Suicide, 
  • Paraphilia


  • Dr Åžafak Taktak is a psychiatrist and forensic expert, He received his specializations after MD in Istanbul University during the period of 1995-2003.
  • Currently,he is working as psychiatrist in Ahi Evran University.
  • He successfully completed his administrative responsibilities as a psychiatrist.
  • His researches include generally regarding suicide and criminal.
  • He is serving as a Reviewer for Journal of Addictive Behaviors Therapy & Rehabilitation.
  • He authored to Journal of Affective Disorders, Journal of Anatolia Psychiatry, Archieves of Neuropsychiatry some research articles.
  • He is member of Turkish Psychiatry Association and The Society of Forensic Medicine Specialist.