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Biotechnology and Biomedical Science-Biochemistry-Feng Ding


Research Associate Professor,
Wenzhou Medical University,
Wenzhou, P. R.

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Feng Ding


School of Basic Medical Sciences, 
Wenzhou Medical University, 
Chashan Campus, 
Wenzhou 325635, 

Research Interests:

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Nanotechnology Techniques


2016-Present- Research Associate Professor, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou, P. R., China

  • Study the interaction of M. tuberculosis with macrophage.
  • Study the crosstalk between cardiac cells and macrophages Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Tennessee Health 

2014 - 2015- Science Center, Memphis, TN

  • Screened TB mutants for genes important for its infection using epithelial and macrophage cell lines as in in vitro model and fluorescence labeled glycopeptide antibiotics as a molecular probe.
  • Achievements:
  • Developed a new approach for TB gene screening project and identified several positive hits so far
  • Published one paper so far and are writing the second manuscript Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant Old Dominion 

2008 - 2013- University, Norfolk, VA

  • Initiated and implemented the following research projects:
  • Probed the efflux functions of multidrug resistant transporter (BmrA) in different B. subtilis strains including EGFP fused ones by fluorescence spectroscopy and dark-field optical microscopy and spectroscopy (DFOMS) using single nanoparticle optical probes.
  • Constructed, expressed and purified BmrA-EGFP fusion proteins and studied their efflux functions in proteoliposomes by fluorescence spectroscopy.
  • Studied the silencing effects of Ag NPs conjugated with antisense oligonucleotides on the expression of BmrA transporter proteins.
  • Probed the efflux functions of another multidrug resistant transporter (MexAMexB-OprM) in different P. aeruginosa mutant strains by fluorescence spectroscopy.
  • Studied the size-dependent inhibitory effects of Ag nanoparticels with antibiotics conjugated on the growth of bacterial cells aiming to use Ag NPs as potential drug carriers.
  • Expressed and purified different mutant proteins of a multidrug resistant transporter in E. coli (MsbA); probed the catalytic mechanisms of MsbA by farfield photostable optical nanoscopy (PHOTON) using different sized nanoparticle based optical sensors.
  • Studied the nanotoxicity of noble nanoparticles (Ag, Au) using zebrafish embryos as a model.


  • Published three original research papers so far and a couple of more are coming
  • Taught undergraduate courses (biochemistry, analytical chemistry)
  • Obtained my Ph.D. degree

2007- 2008- Graduate Research Assistant, Louisiana State University Health Science Center, Shreveport, LA

  • Performed rotation training in the following labs:
  • Laboratory of Dr. Shile Huang
  • Study the anticancer mechanisms of curcumin related to mTOR signaling pathway
  • Laboratory of Dr. Jill Williams
  • Screen for the anticancer small compounds
  • Laboratory of Dr. Stephen N. Witt
  • Study the roles of synclein in Parkinson’s disease using yeast model


  • Learned basic knowledge about cancer biology, Parkinson’s disease
  • Learned the techniques in the area of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics

2002 - 2007- Research Associate
Second Military Medical University & Tongji University, Shanghai, P. R. China

  • Involved in the following research projects:
  • Performed experiments to develop recombinant protein based molecular vaccine against malaria, SARS, dengue, etc.
  • Independently designed vaccine candidates and expressed, purified them from Pichia pastoris.
  • Formulate recombinant protein with adjuvant to make vaccine candidates; Immunize rabbits and mice with vaccine candidates; Collect blood samples from mice for identifying antibody titers by ELISA; Collect blood samples from immunized rabbits to purify antibodies; Use purified antibodies to perform immune protection experiments in viro and in vivo challenged by malaria parasites.
  • Performed long term stability studies of vaccine candidates.
  • Participated in the phase I clinical trial study of our malaria vaccine candidate (PfCP2.9).


  • Published two research articles and help in PI’s grant writing
  • Trained first year graduate students with techniques in molecular biology, parasite culture/harvest, etc.