Biosemiotics is the study of the semiotics of living systems and their behaviour. It draws from the fields of biology, linguistics, information theory, and communication studies. Through the analysis of signs and symbols embedded in the behaviour of living organisms, biosemiotics offers insights into the evolution of language and communication, as well as a better understanding of the complexities of interactions in living systems. It can be used to explain and predict communication between living organisms, how living systems create, store, and interpret meaning, and how information is communicated in a biological system. By helping to explain the dynamics of biological systems, biosemiotics can lead to advances in the fields of healthcare, conservation, and agriculture.

From: Journal of Biosemiotic Research

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Editor-in-chief: Hamid Reza Rahimi's, Kerman University of Medical Sciences (Kermān, Iran).
Publication Type: Open Access Journal
Description: Journal of Biosemiotic Research is an integrative discipline that studies communication and signification in living systems. It is devoted to establishing a bridge between biology, philosophy, linguistics and communication studies. Its primary challenge is to provide a broad scientific insight not merely of biological information but also of biolog