Journal of Biomaterials

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Biomaterials -Construction and application of nanostructures in tissue engineering-Esmaeil Mirzaei

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Department of Medical Nanotechnology, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

+98713 2317523 Ext 307, +98-917-3041563, 71348-14336

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Esmaeil Mirzaei


The School of Advanced Medical Sciences and Technologies, Almas Building, Alley 29, Qasrodasht Ave, Shiraz,Iran

Research Interests:

Construction and application of nanostructures in tissue engineering, nanofibres, hydrogels and nanohyrodrogels, external toxicity studies of nanomaterials, and the fabrication and application of medical nanoparticles of metal and magnetism.


Honors and Award

  • First rank in M.Sc. entrance exam held by Ministry of Health and Medical Education. 2007
  • First rank in Ph.D. entrance exam held by Ministry of Health and Medical Education. 2010
  • First rank in 1th National nanotechnology competition held by Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council.


  • Iran Society of Nanomedicine.
  • Advanced Medical Sciences and Technologies association (AMST), Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Tehran. 2010- Present.


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  2. The Differentiation of Human Endometrial Stem Cells into Neuron-Like Cells on Electrospun PAN-Derived Carbon Nanofibers with Random and Aligned Topographies E Mirzaei, J Ai, S Ebrahimi-Barough, J Verdi, H Ghanbari, R Faridi-Majidi Molecular neurobiology, 1-11.
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