Vladimir Leonidovich Martynov, Clinical Gastroenterological Manifestations as Criteria for the Pathology and Effectiveness of Surgical Correction of Reflux Disease of the Digestive System, Journal of Human and Animal Intestines, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2021, Pages 15-19, ISSN Coming Soon, https://doi.org/. (https://openaccesspub.orgjhai/article/1566) Keywords: Reflux disease (RB); failure of the bauginia valve (NBZ); gastrointestinal tract (GIT); chronic duodenal obstruction (CIDP); irritable bowel syndrome (IRS); operations: bauginoplasty (BP); bauginoplasty in combination with dissection Treitz (BP + PCT); bauginoplasty in combination with duodenojejunostya (BP + DES).