Journal of Alzheimer's Research and Therapy

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Alzheimer's  Research and Therapy-Biotechnology-Aysun Cetinyurek Yavuz


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Aysun Cetinyurek Yavuz


Uppsalalaan 12,
Netherlands .

Research Interests:

Biotechnology, Immunology, Molecular Biology, Survival analysis, longitudinal mixed model analysis, Bayesian statistics, penalized B-splines, EM algorithm.


  1. Semiparametric frailty model for clustered interval-censored data.
  2. Smooth estimation of survival functions and hazard ratios from interval-censored data using Bayesian penalized B-splines.
  3. Allele distribution data for 16 short tandem repeat loci in Bolu.
  4. Henoch-Schnlein nephritis: a nationwide study.
  5. Alleles and Henoch-Schnlein Purpura: Susceptibility and Severity of Disease.
  6. Assess- ment of possible risk indicators for apical periodontitis in root-filled teeth in an adult Turkish population.
  7. CTLA-4 +49 A/G genotype and HLA-DRB1 polymorphisms in Turkish patients with Henoch-Schnlein purpura.
  8. HLA class 1 Associations in Henoch Schonlein Purpura: Increased and Decreased frequencies.
  9. Non-urgent use of the emergency de- partment: A quantitative evaluation from a patient perspective.
  10. A Study of Robust Estimation Approach for Analysis of Variance When the Distribution of Error Terms is Non-normal.
  11. STR data for the AmpFlSTR identifier loci from an old settlement in northwestern Turkey.
  12. Human Leukocyte Antigens A and B in Turkish PatientsWith Sarcoidosis.