Journal of Agronomy Research

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Agronomy Research-Crop Physiology-Abbas Biabani

Iran, Islamic Republic of

Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources,
Gonbad-e-Kavous University.

+98 17 3344995 & 2224060, +98 911 374 0583

+98 17 2224060

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Abbas Biabani


Tohid Street,
Bolvar Azadi,
Golestan Province,

Research Interests:

  • Crop Physiology 
  • General Agronomy 
  • Industrial Crops Culture 
  • Cereals
  • Agronomy of Medicinal and Industrial Plants


  • B. Sc. Agronomy and Plant Breeding, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Mashhad, Iran, 1987–1991.
  • M. Sc. Agronomy, Tarbiat Moddares University, Tehran, Iran, 1993–1994.
  • Ph. D. Crop Physiology, M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia, 2001–2004.
  • Farm Manager, Research and Education Farm, Gonbad-e-Kavous University, 1994–1997.
  • Head of Department, Plant Production and Technology, Gonbad-e-Kavous University, 1997–2001.
  • Member of the Agriculture and Green Space Committee, Gonbad-e-Kavous University, 2004–2009. 
  • Member of the Culture Council, Gonbad-e-Kavous University, 2004–2009.
  • Member of the Disciplinary Council, Gonbad-e-Kavous University, 2004–2009.
  • Member of the Education Council and Promotion Committee, Gonbad-e-Kavous University, 2004–2009.
  • Member of the Organization Committee, Third and Fourth International Iran and Russia Agriculture and Natural Resources Conference, Moscow Russia and Shahrekord, Iran. 2004.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Studies and Research Director, Gonbad-e-Kavous University, 2004–2009.
  • Vice Education and Research, Gonbad-e-Kavous University, 2004–2009.
  • Chif of Agriculture and Natural Resources Faculty, Gonbad-e-Kavous University, 2004–2009.
  • Vice Presidency Support and Development, Gonbad-e-Kavous University, 2011–Now.
Awards (Honorary Degrees):
  • Chosen As a Distinguished and Outstanding Research in the Contends Held in Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Gonbad-e-Kavous University, 2001.
  • I Was Received Scholarship to M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2001.
  • Sabbatical Leave, Washington State University. USA, 1. 2009–11. 2009.