Journal of Advances in Nanotechnology

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Advances in Nanotechnology -Software Engineering-Lakshmi Iyakutti


Department of Computer science,
Stella Maris College.

9677051822, 044-23760645

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Lakshmi Iyakutti


Plot No: 20, G1,”THAI FLATS”,
Shanmugam Sundaram Street, Devaraj nagar (extn),

Research Interests:

  • Software Engineering, Computer Networks
  • Visual Basic, Microprocessor
  • Embedded system , Computer organization
  • Computer Graphics, UNIX
  • Web Design
  • Web services, Web designing, Data mining, Testing



  1. “Computation of Interaction Potential of adsorbents on Zig-zag SWCNTS –   Application to Functionalization and Hydrogen Storage” I. Lakshmi, D. Silambarasan, V. J. Surya, M. Rajarajeswari and K. Iyakutti International Journal of Nano Science. Volume.10, 391-396(2011).
  2. Dr. I. Lakshmi ”Hydrogen storage in TiO2 functionalized (10, 10) single walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT)-First principles study January 2014,International journal of hydrogen energy 39 (2014) 4973e4980(elseiver).
  3. Semantic Web Services – Where we are and where we are going I. Lakshmi, Rajesh Devadas, Dr. K. Iyakutti Journal of Algorithms and Computational Technology. (Communicated).
  4. Dr. K. Iyakutti, Dr. I. Lakshmi Engineering Band Gap Opening in Graphene through Surface Doping-A First Principles study IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology.
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