Journal of Advanced Therapeutic Science

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Advanced Therapeutic Science-Developments of novel neuroprotective agents from natural and synthetic agents.-Dong-Kug Choi

Korea, Republic Of

Department of Biotechnology at Glocal Campus,
Konkkuk University,
South Korea.

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Dong-Kug Choi


Department of Biotechnology,
Konkuk University,
Chung Ju City, Chung Buk ,  
27478  South Korea.

Research Interests:

  • Developments of novel neuroprotective agents from natural and synthetic agents.
  • The mechanisms of dopaminergic neuronal loss in Parkinson's disease 
  • Comparative Genomic Analysis


  • Dong-Kug Choi received his Ph.D. from University of Tokyo in 1999 and did his postdoctoral training at Columbia University, New York.
  • He started his faculty career at the Cornell University, New York in 2002.
  • He is currently professor at the department of biotechnology, Konkuk University, Korea.  
  • He has served several positions including Chair of the Department of Biotechnology and the Vice-President position for Industry and Academic Research Affairs at GLOCAL campus, Konkuk University, Korea.  
  • His research mainly focuses on the investigating the molecular aspects in neurodegeneration and development of novel neuroprotective agents from natural and synthetic agents.