Journal of Advanced Forensic Sciences

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Advanced Forensic Sciences-Analytical chemistry-Abubakr M. Idris

Saudi Arabia

Department of Chemistry,
College of Science,
King Khalid University.

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Abubakr M. Idris


P.O. Box 1362,
Postal Code 61431 Abha,
Central Post,
Abha, Saudi Arabia.

Research Interests:

Analytical chemistry, Drug Analysis


  • Idris, PhD is associate professor of analytical chemistry at King Khalid University. Idris (H-Index 16) has authored & coauthored > 40 papers published in ISI journals and presented > 30 communications in international refereed conferences.
  • He is also Editor-In Chief of (Development in Analytical Chemistry) and (Journal of Industrial Pollution Control) and has joined > 15 journals as Editorial Board Member.
  • Idris's research focuses on pharmaceutical, environmental, food and forensic analyses.
  • He has also contribution in the development of microfluidic analytical technologies and methodologies.
  • Idris also is an expert in academic development, accreditation and quality standards & practices in higher education.