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Subjective and Objective Actigraphic Sleep Monitoring and Psychopathology in a Clinical Sample of Patients with Night Eating Syndrome, with and Without Binge Eating Behaviors

A Comparison Study of the Fitbit Activity Monitor and PSG for Assessing Sleep Patterns and Movement in Children

Obstructive Sleep Apneas, Cervical Osteophytosis and Sudden Death: A Paradigmatic Case and a Brief Overview of the Literature

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Short-Term and Chronic Effects of Aerobic and Resistance Exercise on Sleep in Young Men

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Intervention Study to Improve Meal Habit, Sleep Habit, Circadian Typology And School Marks in Japanese Elementary School Students

Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Individuals with Down Syndrome: A Meta-Analytic Literature Review

Assessment of Cardiac Function and Prevalence of Sleep Disordered Breathing using Ambulatory Monitoring with Acoustic Cardiography – Initial Results from SWICOS

The Effects of Physical Activity on Sleep among Adolescents and Adults: A Narrative Review

How to Objectively Measure The Quality of Sleep

Construction of Virtual Neuron and Consolidation of Sleep and Memory Process– A Molecular Docking and Biomathematical Approach

The Effect of Weekends and Clock Changes on the Sleep Patterns of Children with Autism: A Study of Historical Records

Effect of the Biofield Energy Treated Proprietary Test Formulation for Sleep Biomarkers in the Unpredictable Chronic Stress (UCS) Animal Model 

The Intersection of Cultural Characteristics and Genetics on the Prevalence of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome in Brazilian and Japanese Adults

Sleep Disturbances and Hip Fractures