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Dietary Advice on Prescription (DAP). A Pedagogical Model for Better Dietary Habits Tested in a Two-Year Randomized Clinical Trial. 

Reversal of Obesity: The Quest for the Optimum Dietary Regimen

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Gluten/Casein Free Diet Treatment: A Systematic Review (1990-2016)

Tumor Growth Dynamics: Dietary Fish Oil Induced Inhibition of Human Breast Carcinoma Growth, A Phenomenon of Reduced Cellular DNA Synthesis or Increased Cell Loss?

Effect of Digestible Threonine Level of Diet on Productive Performance, Commercial Egg Grading and Egg Quality of 55- to 61-Week-Old Laying Hens

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Pilot Study: Impact of a Gluten-Free Diet on Symptoms and Severity of Fibromyalgia

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Dietary Intake Patterns of Alcoholics; A Case Study of Selected Rehabilitation Centers in Kenya

Adopting High Fat Diets for Fat Loss and Improving Brain Health.